Applying new technology for industrial cutting room 4.0

The fully automated cutting room solution for fashion and apparel – Cosma's Cutting Room Industry 4.0 provide greater agility, throughput, cost efficiency and in particular scalability in order to respond seamlessly to orders and shorter lead times.

The cutting room 4.0 solution

Most of the garment factories are applying the modern  cutting room 4.0 solution. With intelligent machines, automation and accurate data management software applied in production, it helps to strengthen production quality and save a lot of costs.

Effective approach to new technology
Effective approach to new technology
Effective approach to new technology

Effective approach to new technology

Digital transformation can be daunting for many companies. Because large-scale change requires a sizable investment, it also involves rebuilding systems or disrupting production. Faced with this problem, Cosma will always accompany businesses. We can do the digitization in phases. Automating each process can deliver immediate results, creating momentum and confidence in the transformation of digital adoption 4.0. This also allows staff training to be phased in as the project develops. Instead of having to learn everything at once, they will be able to feel comfortable and easily adapt to a new workflow before moving on to another new technology.

Advantages of working with a 4.0 cutting room

  • Intelligent integration of all equipment in the cutting room;
  • Global vision and monitoring of production in real time;
  • Security and assertiveness in the management of spreads, cuts and labeling;
  • Insertion of commands for automated and efficient production;
  • Digital interface that presents all pertinent production information;
  • Immediate solution for situations that may generate loss of productivity;
  • Cutting and fitting plans that do not require manual calculations;
  • Circulation of digital information, without the need for printed technical files.
Adopting the technology of Cosma

Adopting the technology of Cosma

Adopting the technology of Cosma Technology solution brings benefits to all stages of your company’s production. Your profits will increase by optimizing the process of spreading, cutting, labeling and separation of fashion products. Let's improve from today.


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